Ken Mobile R7710

KENXINDA R7710 2.4 Inch Dual SIM - 2500mAh   

 KENXINDA R7710 is a dual SIM  feature phone which offers you a lot to enjoy. With this mobile phone, you can listen to FM radio or your own play list. Its other features include an Internet and a Bluetooth connection, a torch function and micro SD slot!
The KENXINDA R7710 fits perfectly in your grip and pocket. It is Light, compact and sturdy, and you can take it everywhere with you. It comes with a battery that lasts a longer time. You can use this mobile phone a whole day without having to bother about running out of power 


-Brand: KENXIDA R7710

 -Processor: SC6531
-Display: 2.4 ”
-Memory: 32MB+32MB
-SIM Card: Dual Normal SIM
-Battery: 2500mAh 


Rp. 275.000
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